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What is a pawn?

A "pawn" is defined as security for money lent. In other words, a tangible item that is left behind in exchange for a loan. Once the loan and its fees are paid in full, the item can then be redeemed.

I want to pawn my item, can you give me a quote over the phone?

No, we do not give any quotes over the phone or e-mail.

What kinds of items do you take?

Anything that is of value... DVDs, electronics, jewelry, video games, tools, desktop and laptop computers, etc. When in doubt, bring it in and we will take a look at it!

My item was stolen, can you tell me if you have it?

No. In situations like this we deal directly with the police. Check out the Item Recovery page for more information.

Do you take coins, scrap gold, or broken jewelry?

Yes, we do!

Will you sell my item for me on eBay?

We do sell items for customers on eBay as long as it has value. We charge a 30% fee, plus applicable eBay fees and Paypal fees and the winning buyer pays shipping charges. If you're curious about what your item may be worth on eBay to sell, bring it in and we'll check it out for you.

What do I need in order to pawn or sell an item?

A current, valid state issued driver's license or ID and you must be over 18.

What do I need in order to pick up an item?

A current, valid state issued driver's license or ID and your pawn contract that was given to you when you first made the pawn. Items sold to the store cannot be picked up.

I lost my pawn contract! Am I going to lose my item?

No, but you will be charged a $5.00 lost contract fee. You will need to present a valid, state issued driver's license or ID at the time of pickup.

My 90 days are almost up and I don't have the money to pickup my item, what should I do?

You can simply pay the interest fee on your loan, which is considered "rewriting" the pawn. Rewriting the loan will keep your item in pawn for another 90 days.

If I pawn my item today, can I pick it up tomorrow?

Yes, items can even be picked up same day.

Can I have my mother / father / sister / boyfriend / girlfriend / etc. pickup my item for me?

No. The only people who can pickup your item is YOU and your spouse (with stipulations).

Can I have my mother / father / sister / boyfriend / girlfriend / etc. rewrite my item for me?

Yes, we will simply print out a new contract and mail it to you.

My mother / father / sister / boyfriend / girlfriend / etc. stole my item ... can I pick it up in their place?

No. As stated above, the only people who can pickup an item is the person who pawned it and/or their spouse. You may accompany the person and pay on the item for them.

Can you at least tell me my mother / father / sister / boyfriend / girlfriend / etc. pawned my item?

No. There are privacy laws in place to protect our customers and what they pawn.

So, what do I do?

Confront the person and come to a compromise or file a police report. We cannot help you in any other way.

I missed my due date and lost my item! Can I still pick it up?

If it is pass your due date, and the item is sill available in the store, you can purchase it back for 30% off of floor price.

What is APR or Annual Percentage Rate?

The annual percentage rate is the total cost of yearly funds (fees and interest) over the course of the loan. An equation is used to determine the APR ... ((Loan Fee + Interest)*3/Loan Amount)*365/90 = APR.

I noticed you have a lot of DVDs for sale, how come they're not alphabetized or organized better?

In order to keep our DVD prices low, we do not organize our movies.

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